My Projects!

  1. Profit & Loss8th of September 2022

    Check whether you made a Profit or a Loss or broke even on your investment in stocks.

  2. Palindrome Birthday6th of September 2022

    Check if your Birthday Date is a Palindrome or not.

  3. Fun With Triangle's23rd of June 2022

    A website where you can have fun with triangle's. Contains apps to check whether given angles make a triangle or not, a quiz on triangles, calculating the hypotenuse of a triangle, and calculating the area of a triangle, all made using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

  4. What's your Lucky Number21st of June 2022

    This is another web app made in Plain JavaScript to check whether a number is lucky or not.

  5. Cash Register17th of June 2022

    This is a Cash Register App in which you can enter the Cash given by the Customer & the Bill Amount to get the Tender change to be given back to the Customer, made using VanillaJS.

  6. My Song Recommender19th of June 2022

    This is another React app which recommends you a list of songs that I like from selected genres.

  7. Flag Emoji Interpreter10th of June 2022

    This is a React App in which you can type or click name of a country to view it's flag emoticon. P.S:- This was my first React App!

  8. Yoda Translator6th of June 2022

    This is same as the Minion Slate web just with yoda translations.

  9. Minion Slate31st of May 2022

    This is a simple web app made using HTML,CSS & Vanilla JavaScript. It uses api from Fun Translations to translate given text to minion language!.

  10. Harry Potter Quiz24th of May 2022

    This is a short quiz on the 4th Installment Of Harry Potter Franchise, Goblet Of Fire, written in Vanilla JS. Play & try to beat the High Score & let me know.

  11. How well do you know me?24th of May 2022

    This is the first project made while I learned JS from neogCamp, it's a small quiz about me.